how does amazon investment work Reading Matters was created to foster educational development and growth in each student. Cheryl Barnas, founder of Reading Matters, is dedicated to promoting a love of reading in students of all ages. She enhances on basic building blocks of word recognition to increase reading speed and comprehension. She has been helping students develop their reading abilities since 2002.
About Cheryl Cheryl Barnas is a certified Reading Specialist with a Master of Education in Reading.  She began her career as a teacher, working with students in both private and public schools.  In 2002 she created Reading Matters to address the need for specialized reading therapy in the Oklahoma City metro area.  Since then, she has been providing assessments and individual therapy sessions with a focus on reading disabilities, including dyslexia.  Cheryl is certified by the State Department of Education and is a member of the International Reading Association.https://dream-trading.ae
Reading Specialists vs. Tutors

A Reading Specialist receives extensive education and training on identifying and dealing with specific reading challenges.  They are equipped with many tools to adapt to each student’s needs.  Cheryl recognizes that one-on-one sessions are the best way for a student to get the focus and attention needed to reach his or her potential.  Tutors often work solely with groups, covering a variety of subjects.  They generally work with material that is provided by the student, and are not trained to identify or handle specific challenges that a student may face.  There are certainly instances when a tutor may be what you or your student needs, but it is important to be aware of the differences.http://dream-trading.ae






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